Childrens’ Computer Initiative

The Childrens’ Computer Initiative is an annual summer program to give the opportunity for children from orphanages and under-privileged students a chance to gain basic computer skills. We have both a beginner and advanced group. In our beginner group, we cover basic computer skills including correct typing technique, Microsoft Word, Powerpoint, downloading and installing software, use of search engines to find educational resources, and more . In our advanced group, we cover basic website design and more »

MediaCamp Kyiv 2009 - new form of media

Internet initiatives are organizing another one barcamp - this time it's MediaCamp. We hope this event will develop Ukrainian media market and will grow it up to the new level.

MediaСamp Kyiv 2009 is a new Ukrainian conference that is devoted to traditional and online media and brings attention to changes on media market for the last years, increase of Internet media part and shift of traditional media to a digital format.The event will take place on November 7th and will gather about 250 specialists that work in media field: journalists that work at traditional and digital publications, media managers, publishers, bloggers, online entrepreneurs and anyone who works with online and traditional media.

More details on the website - (site is Ukrainian only but you can try to read it via Google Translate)
Follow Mediacamp on twitter - (Ukrainian only)read more »

Drupalcamp Kyiv 2009 - the next big barcamp

Drupalcamp Kyiv 2009 - Eastern European Drupal conference

The next big barcamp organized by Internet Initiatives will be Drupalcamp Kyiv 2009. We expect to see near two hundred participants mostly from Ukraine, Russia and Belarus, who are interested in Drupal - an open source site-building system. Drupal helps to make great and reliable sites really fast and the community, that will be built on the conference, will give more opportunities to each of it's members. We believe that this event will give a good stimulus to the sitebuilding development in Ukraine.

This event is the continuation of Drupalcamp Kyiv 2008. Last year that event was organized in two weeks and 40 Ukrainian drupalers were the participants. Main achievements of that event were creation of Ukrainian drupalers community and finalization of Ukrainian translation for Drupal.

You can read more about Drupalcamp on the project's page or on the web-site Drupalcamp Kyiv more »

IRF announces the contest on using new media tools for social change

 International Renaissance Foundation logo

Recently it became known that the International Renaissance Foundation announces a competition to support the development of new media in Ukraine. This is a good sign to all Ukrainian society that is going to make next step on its way to world’s community.

The Internet Initiatives NGO was created less than a year ago to encourage development of the Internet and new media in Ukraine and to help other NGOs to use these technologies. So we were pleased to hear that funds like this one are turning to pay attention to new media issues which beyond all doubt is the result of recent successes of a number of new media projects that use some of the potential of the Internet as a space for community revitalization initiatives. We are also pleased to realize that the Internet Initiatives NGO has managed to play a significant role in this process. Two conferences organized by us last fall, that are SocialCamp Ukraine 2008 and Educamp Kyiv 2008, illustrated the new media possibilities for public benefit projects.

Competition is realized in collaboration with the Information Program of Open Society more »

"Ukraine-NATO – what's next?", the round table. Watch live translation on our site

Ukrinform - Ukrainian information agency will held a round table on topic "Ukraine-NATO – what's next?" on 4th of December, 2.30-4.30 pm. (Kyiv, +2GMT). During this round table there will be a teleconference with Brussels, you can watch the live translation right here in the window below.

Free TV : Ustream

If you want to put a window with live translation of this teleconference into your blog just paste the following code: read more »

Blogcamp CEE 2008 report

Sleepless nights are left behind and Blogcamp CEE 2008 is over! Was it successful, was it cool, are we satisfied? Yep, for sure!

That animated slideshow will show you the atmosphere and some cool statistics are below.

BlogCamp from torbjon on Vimeo.

After summing up all registrations and sessions it has turned out that:

  • Blogcamp has gathered 821 participants from Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, USA, Russia, Uzbekistan and Estonia.
  • During three days 87 blogcamp sessions were hold and 3 sessions + 10 presentations of start-ups during Investor Day. In total - 100 sessions.

Last year there were around 350 participants and 60 sessions on the more »

10 hours before the Blogcamp

In 10 hours the Blogcamp will begin, and here are some announced presentations connected with social change and using of social media by NGOs I'd like to attend:

I will try to get some slides and reports on these sessions to share with those unlucky enough to come to the Blogcamp, so stay tuned!

Blogcamp CEE 2008 will start in two weeks

Blogcamp CEE 2008

Last weeks were so hot that I almost forgot to write about Blogcamp Central and Eastern Europe - conference on new media and Internet startups organized by Internet Initiatives. Blogcamp will start in two weeks so if you want to come - it's time to think about tickets and accommodation in Kyiv. You can find more detailed info more »

Picnic 2008 in Amsterdam

Yesterday I came from Amsterdam, where I participated in PICNIC08 conference. Picnic is probably the world's largest conference on creativity and innovations. Besides main program there were a lot of 'hosted events' — thematical sections of presentations. I was invited as a speaker to one of the hosted events — European Bloggers Conference provided by the European Journalism Centre.

read more »

Drupalcamp - outdated report

The first Drupalcamp in Kyiv was more than successful, gathering some 40 drupalers from Kyiv, Mykolajiv, L'viv and Lutsk in the comfortable G-Club venue. Four speakers were telling about the essentials of Drupal, productivity, best modules, search engines optimization the problems of localization and giving the examples of use. The venue was full of techy buzz, jokes and fun.
read more »

DrupalCamp Kyiv

DrupalCamp Kyiv logo

DrupalCamp Kyiv, initiated by our organization, will take place in the G-club on 31th of August in Kyiv. It is the first ever conference on Drupal in the CIS region

For more information see this page. (in Ukrainian)

77 percent of the US fastest-growing companies use social media

Looks like the social media is coming to the US business world sooner than many had originally anticipated and it is the valuable sign for the European entrepreneurs and non-profit organizations. The “” reports about the staggering results of a study of social media adoption at 500 of the fastest growing companies in the US. The use of blogs, podcasting, wikis, online video and social networking grew in 2008 to nearly double what it was in 2007 – 77% of respondents now report at least some use of a social media tool in their business.

read more »

Education 2.0 - the new trend arising

A few days ago a came back from the iCamp – informal meeting of the internet activists, which took place in Russia. The event was made in the barcamp format, which is a kind of trend in the CEE region, since Blogcamp CIS and Baltics was held in Kyiv on Oct’07. Agenda was divided on a number of sections: Educamp, StartupCamp, LawCamp, BlogCamp, CodeCamp, etc. (more detailed review of iCamp is available on the Oleksandr’s Demchenko Eastern European Blog)

As far as I’m driving away Educamp Kyiv`08, Russian Educamp was one of the most interesting events on the iCamp for me. I had a lot of exciting conversations with folks who are working on the so-called “Education 2.0” in Russia. As they understand this term – it’s a conceptually brand new way of education which will use the multimedia technologies and the internet intensively. read more »

11 Tips for Using Online Video to Raise Money

1. Tell a story.
If you want your audience to identify with your mission, you need a compelling story that connects your work to real people. If a story moves you, it will likely move others as well—and become the foundation for deeper more »

New Social Portal for Blood Donation: Thank Your Donor

Canadians have developed a new social portal that allows blood recipients to say thanks to their unknown donors. Thank Your Donor gives a chance for people to hear all the positive effects that their blood donations are having.

Project creators are hoping this will encourage more people to donate.

Check out one of the videos that a recipient made to say thanks: Youtube Channel

Polymeme: Memetracker With Editors

Polymeme: Memetracker With Editors

Polymeme is a new memetracker that bills itself as "a polymath's guide to news." Polymeme is the brainchild of Evgeny Morozov who started the project because of his frustration with most current memetrackers and the echo chamber effect often associated with them. Polymeme is based on Drupal and uses Reuter's OpenCalais to tag and index the 25,000 blogs it more »

The First Socialcamp in Germany

First socialcamp in Germany took place in Berlin in June 14-15. One of participants writes about the socialcamp in a blog:
"There were activists, campaigners, NGOs and many others who shared their work, experiences and visions with an open spirit. Particularly, the mixture of participants from the traditional German nonprofit sector (social welfare), newer NGOs and activists were quite inspiring. " full article >>

As you can see, a lot of sessions are dedicated to the internet and web2.0read more »

Online networking, mobiles VS Tuberculosis and other stuf. Weekly cases overeview.

a great new video introduction to digital activism, “The New Change-Makers: an Introduction to Digital Activism” from the

Beth Kanter gives some thoughts about effective networking online in her blog, here.

MobileActive writes about how to use cellphones for combating Tuberculosisread more »

Ukrainian LiveJournal cycle-community VS drunk drivers

Ukrainian LiveJournal community initiates the march against the lawlessness on Kyiv roads. One of the most popular Ukrainian bloggers, Bohdan Lohvynenko, started the discussion in his blog, after four accidents with the cyclists happened in ten days in more »



What is NGO-in-a-box?

Tactical Tech's NGO-in-a-box project is a series of innovative toolkits designed to meet the specialised technology needs of non-profit organisations such as NGOs, activists, independent journalists and community more »

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