Blogcamp CEE 2008 report

Sleepless nights are left behind and Blogcamp CEE 2008 is over! Was it successful, was it cool, are we satisfied? Yep, for sure!

That animated slideshow will show you the atmosphere and some cool statistics are below.

BlogCamp from torbjon on Vimeo.

After summing up all registrations and sessions it has turned out that:

  • Blogcamp has gathered 821 participants from Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, USA, Russia, Uzbekistan and Estonia.
  • During three days 87 blogcamp sessions were hold and 3 sessions + 10 presentations of start-ups during Investor Day. In total - 100 sessions.

Last year there were around 350 participants and 60 sessions on the Blogcamp.

On the 19th of October, during Investor Day finalists of start-up contest presented their projects to the jury. In the evening of the same day the winners were selected in each of two nominations:

  • Seed Stage – the project is on the level of idea or early prototype, needed investments – from 50 to 150 thousand Euro.
  • Early Growth Stage – the company has already started selling products/services and has a stable growth, needed investments - from 500 thousand to1 million Euro.

The winners of the contest are projects Hippocrat (Seed Stage) and ClienteQ (Early Growth Stage). The first project is a social network for those who care about their health; the second is a CRM solution for joined work of companies and their clients. Both winners received invitation to attend Silicon Valley Open Doors 2008. However, the most important results for all winners and finalists were the opportunities to contact with investors, to present them their ideas and receive evaluation and feedback from venture business professionals.

Se more photos and the linkdump.


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