Drupalcamp Kyiv 2009 - the next big barcamp

Drupalcamp Kyiv 2009 - Eastern European Drupal conference

The next big barcamp organized by Internet Initiatives will be Drupalcamp Kyiv 2009. We expect to see near two hundred participants mostly from Ukraine, Russia and Belarus, who are interested in Drupal - an open source site-building system. Drupal helps to make great and reliable sites really fast and the community, that will be built on the conference, will give more opportunities to each of it's members. We believe that this event will give a good stimulus to the sitebuilding development in Ukraine.

This event is the continuation of Drupalcamp Kyiv 2008. Last year that event was organized in two weeks and 40 Ukrainian drupalers were the participants. Main achievements of that event were creation of Ukrainian drupalers community and finalization of Ukrainian translation for Drupal.

You can read more about Drupalcamp on the project's page or on the web-site Drupalcamp Kyiv 2009.


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