IRF announces the contest on using new media tools for social change

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Recently it became known that the International Renaissance Foundation announces a competition to support the development of new media in Ukraine. This is a good sign to all Ukrainian society that is going to make next step on its way to world’s community.

The Internet Initiatives NGO was created less than a year ago to encourage development of the Internet and new media in Ukraine and to help other NGOs to use these technologies. So we were pleased to hear that funds like this one are turning to pay attention to new media issues which beyond all doubt is the result of recent successes of a number of new media projects that use some of the potential of the Internet as a space for community revitalization initiatives. We are also pleased to realize that the Internet Initiatives NGO has managed to play a significant role in this process. Two conferences organized by us last fall, that are SocialCamp Ukraine 2008 and Educamp Kyiv 2008, illustrated the new media possibilities for public benefit projects.

Competition is realized in collaboration with the Information Program of Open Society Institute.

The main purpose of this activity is to popularize information about the possibilities Internet possesses and increase access to knowledge it contain, implementation of the idea of Internet as a tool for public campaigns, development of open society through the creation of online communities.

New Media
, that are responsible for recent change in society structure, is media agent or data medium arising from the development of digital technologies (Internet publishing, CD presentations, computer games, mobile phones etc.) and social media, where information is generated by general audience (blogs, wikis, sites of civil journalism, social photos and video services, etc.). Ease of information transfer predefines high performance of new media for public purposes. New media as a mean of development and strengthening of civil society have become one of the key trends for western NGOs.

In order to be eligible for the «Revival» competition, participants should find themselves among NGOs and/or some kind of NGOs coalitions, networks, associations or communities.

Priorities for the contest:

- Dissemination of information on the use of Internet in society: education on the Internet, conferences and round tables holding, promotion of dialogue between the Ukrainian and global Internet communities, introduction of advanced international standards of Internet and mobile technology (open source promotion, translation of books and articles on the topic), appropriateness of legislative regulation of the Internet (as a mediator between online community and legislators).
- Internet technologies for NGOs and activists: NGOs education (training, barcamps, conferences, online manuals), support and development of Internet projects in this area (the online petition, sms-info); encouraging the communication between NGOs and Internet community (common events).
- Development of an open society through the creation of online communities: thematic conferencing and barcamping, creating specific online communities and promoting those that already exist.
- Online promotion of new books that are supported by Translation project (via acquaintance with reviews, information on publications and publishing house), publication of the debates on the problems of terminology and translation on specific blogs.

The average size of the expected funding from the IMF - 5 000 U.S. dollars.
Deadline for submission of draft May 15, 2009.
Announcement of Results 15 June 2009.


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