Drupalcamp Kyiv 2009

Drupalcamp Kyiv 2009 - Eastern European Drupal conference
Date:  2009-08-28 03:00 - 2009-08-29 03:00
Project manager: 
Yaroslav Azhnyuk

DrupalCamp Kyiv is a two day period of close contact between the Drupal developers from Ukraine, Russia and Belarus. This year the event will gather around 200 specialists and enthusiasts for communicating, experience and ideas exchange. It is an opportunity for all the community participants to get acquainted and get to know more about Drupal and the people that create and use it.

DrupalCamp Kyiv is aimed at beginners, who have just started using Drupal and wish to learn something, and also it is aimed at the professional web-developers, that can share their experience and chat in a friendly and professional circle of specialists. The conference will also be an interesting place for communication between developers and internet-project managers, who are interested in using Drupal in their businesses.

The conference will be held in a “barcamp” format that implies an active involvement of all of the participants into the event organization and conduction. Everyone can participate in the event and can help DrupalCamp Kyiv become interesting and useful. You can prepare a presentation and share your experience of some problem solving, tell about your project and get numerous useful advices from other participants, or organize the round table discussion of an important question for you.

More detailed information about what will be happening during the event can be received on the program web-page.
You can get more info about the barcamp movement form Wikipedia.

If you know Drupal developers, programmers, bloggers or startups who may be interested in Drupal, please do tell them about the event.

What is Drupal?

Drupal is a popular web-site creation and management system. This system is developed by the international developer community as open source software. Drupal can be used for creation of various types of web-sites – internet-communities, e-commerce web-sites, news and corporate web-sites, blogs.

Today the Drupal community counts more than 300 thousand developers all over the world, thanks to them the system can be continuously improved and developed. More than 150 thousand web-sites are built on Drupal. It has been chosen by such companies as Google, MTV, Nike, Disney. Numerous public organizations and governmental institutions use Drupal for creation and control of their on-line resources.

This year, along with the MySpace, Facebook and Twitter services, Drupal has entered the top ten of Social & Publishing category of Webware 100 Awards rating of internet services.


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