Date:  2008-11-15 02:00
Project manager: 
Yaroslav Azhnyuk

EduCamp is a Ukrainian educational conference on the Internet and new media. It will be held on 15-16th of November, 2008 gathering about 400 students, teachers and other people working in the Internet.

The main topics are: The internet for education, new media, blogs, social networks, goodwill in the Internet, job search, business in the internet, effective search, Internet for the scientific research. Educamp claims to show the possibilities given by the Internet nowadays and explain how to use them effectively. Among participants there are recognized internet-experts, famous bloggers, journalists and entrepreneurs. The participation is free of charge.

The format

The conference will be held in the barcamp format, which is also often called unConference to highlight the informal atmosphere of the event. It encourages the participants to maximum participation in the conference preparation and unrestricted communication.

The schedule

There will be three simultaneous flows of presentations during the conference, about 50 sessions will be held during two days totally. The first day presentations will be predesigned and the schedule will be available on the Educamp site. There will be also a blank schedule, where the participants will be welcome to enroll the presentations topics they would like to attend on the second day. The speakers will have a night to prepare the short presentations and the second day schedule will consist of the presentations ordered by the participants.

The preliminary stage

The information campaign aiming to highlight the great possibilities given by the Internet will become the preliminary stage of the Educamp project. One of its major parts will be the series of presentations about the last Internet applications and the “Web 2.0 epoch” held in a number of Ukrainian universities.

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