New technologies in the Internet

Date:  2008-04-07 03:00 - 2008-04-27 03:00
Project manager: 
Yaroslav Azhnyuk

"New technologies in the Internet" is an educational project, giving information about the possibilities and advantages of the modern Internet resources, nowadays called "web 2.0".

The main topics are as follows:

  1. Web 2.0 conception. (by Alex Ryabtsev)
  2. Blogs. Ukrainian blogosphere. (by Maxon Pugovsky )
  3. Using RSS-feeds. (by Alex Ryabtsev and Stas Rudy)
  4. Search in the Internet. The Wiki project. (by Iryna Kuchma and Roman Rybalchenko)
  5. Social networks. (by Oksana Zavoiko)
  6. Social medias. (by Serhiy Danylenko)

The project consists of three parts. Firstly, the information campaign were started. The articles explaining the nature and the usefulness of the new technologies, such as bloging, rss wiki and others, will be published in the online and offline press.

Secondly, the site will be launched for the project support. There will be a lot of useful links to sites, where users will be able to find information concerning the project’s main topics. There will be also registration form for those willing to attend particular seminars and presentations.

At last, the main part of the project are the seminars to be held in three national universities in Kyiv: "Kiyv Polytechnic Institute", "Taras Shevchenko Kyiv National University", "Kyiv-Mohyla Academy National University". Thus, the total seminars number will be 18 (6 topics in 3 Universities)

Project objectives

The major objective is not to offer the members particular instruction or to give them some concrete skills, but to demonstrate the power of the new technologies in the Internet and to show the amazing possibilities of the web nowadays.

Firstly, we want to inform students and teachers about the instruments, the Internet can give them. They don’t use these possibilities simply because they don’t know about their existence.

Secondly, we’ll create the web platform, wherefrom every person interested in some concrete topic will be able to learn all about it, find proper sites and communities, and get expert consultations.


  1. Iryna Kuchma - manager of International Renaissance Foundation ("Vidrodzhennja"), sociologist, journalist.
  2. Maxon Pugovsky - "BlogCamp 2007 Kyiv" organizer, new media specialist.
  3. Stas Rudy - PR and social networks specialist, blogger.
  4. Serhiy Danylenko - the founder of "HiWay" ( citizens journalism site and "hiBlogger" ( network of Ukrainian blogs.
  5. Alex Ryabtsev - internet projects reviewer, the author of blog and blog (announced).
  6. Oksana Zavoiko - "BlogCamp 2007 Kyiv" organizer, PR and social networks specialist.
  7. Roman Rybalchenko - blogger, SEO specialist.


17 presentations held in 3 greatest Ukrainian Universities.

  • Over 600 visitors
  • Over 200 unique visitors
  • Over 3000 unique visitors on the site of the project
  • Over 150 mentions in the blogs and online medias
  • Apple IMC as a sponsor and 18 iPods awarded to the visitors
  • Proposal to speakers to held permanent education course in the Kyiv-Mohyla Academy from the university administration. (Kyiv-Mohyla Academy is one of the most prestigious Ukrainian Universities)
  • Proposals from a count of different citizen organizations to support the following projects like this one.

We also expect to see a few new media projects from our attendees and we are ready to support them.

About us

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